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Celebrate All Year Round with Ballantine’s Prestige Whiskies

World-renowned Whisky brand, Ballantine’s, came to us to create beautiful, luxury all year-round packaging that would strengthen their position within gifting occasions and appeal to key shoppers in the Korean market.


Masterfully prepared, beautifully crafted, and artistically wrapped, these Prestige pack designs are a truly worthy gift, taking pride of place at any occasion. The B of Ballantine’s acts as the ribbon that flows around the pack, accompanied by abstract illustrations that beautifully depict tasting notes of the individual blends or malts. The vibrant colour palette ensures standout on shelf, with delicate foils and tactile embosses ensuring the packs maintain a premium feel. We ensured clear tiering between packs, with an expressive layered style of illustrated elements, bound together as one collection by the consistent central Ballantine’s seal.


Ballantines_12yo_carton_start_0005_Will_test_0024 copy.jpg
Ballantines_12yo_carton_start_0005_Will_test_0028 copy.jpg
Ballantines_12yo_carton_start_0005_Will_test_0027 copy.jpg
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