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Royal Salute Whisky Retail
Richard Quinn Collection II

Discover the next evolution of the Royal Salute Fashion Collection. Introducing the Royal Salute 21 Year Old Richard Quinn Edition II.


The second chapter of this iconic partnership between Royal Salute & Richard Quinn takes the shared values of tradition & innovation to the next level – pushing boundaries and channelling the creativity of collaboration like never before. We endeavoured to capture the essence of the new collection within travel retail, designing a space inspired by contemporary surrealism.


Transported from another dimension, our centrepiece is one of the new bottle designs appearing to levitate in mid air. The wider space is inspired by Richard’s cutting edge style and dynamic movement. Throughout the environment, miniature worlds are brought to life with islands of metallic flora, abstract crystals and dream-like meadows. On the back wall is a screen, a portal into another world playing a futuristic dreamscape animation.


Opportunities for augmented reality engagement are built into the space, with locations that can be scanned to bring this world to life, revealing information and animations about the collection.


This striking collaboration ushers us into a brave new world for Royal Salute Scotch Whisky  


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