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Courvoisier XO Royal
Live with Majesty

Introducing our new comms campaign for Courvoisier XO Royal, a cognac of the most prestigious standing. Indeed, XO Royal was inspired by a blend once commissioned for a King –Edward VII, no less. Our brief was to create an engaging and modern platform to tell this story in China & the U.K.


We needed to convince consumers to trade up within the Prestige range (XO Royal is significantly higher-priced than other prestige liquids). More depth and storytelling were required.Inspired by Courvoisier masterbrand’s idea: the French Joie de Vivre, we created a highly enticing and celebrative campaign. We invited consumers to live “…with Majesty”.


‘Majesty’ was chosen as our key message for its double meaning: majesty as the pinnacle of royal presence, and majesty as an immense, impressive beauty. It became a flexible tagline that could adapt to different occasions. ‘Gift With Majesty’, ‘Serve With Majesty’ and ‘Host With Majesty’ each targeted a specific period of the year.


We created a modern interpretation of the Belle Epoque’s royal court tables, inspired by renaissance paintings, transporting King Edward VII’s world into the modern day. The banquet was laid in outdoor settings reminiscent of Courvoisier’s Jarnac. A glass-top table reflected the region’s mesmerising sky from day to night and hinted at the infamous river Charente. It was adorned with delicate flowers, delightful chef-made desserts, and magnificent glassware. Discoverable details were peppered throughout the scene to add intrigue. Enticing fruits and desserts matched the liquid’s tasting notes and Napoleon’s iconic bee, an asset synonymous with the brand can be found within each scene. The breath-taking centrepiece of the table was, of course, the bottle itself, captured in a series of static adverts and short videos.

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