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The Art of Italian Dressing with
Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar

Globally renowned brand, Mazzetti l’Originale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, wanted to launch a striking new visual identity to bring to life their transformational positioning; ‘The Italian Art of Dressing ’. Working with Boundless Brand Design the team wanted a set of distinctive brand assets that would celebrate their heritage foundations as well as showcase their passion and flair for balsamic vinegar, in a category that for a long time has lacked inspiration.


Now artistic and fluid, the new Mazzetti visual identity and encourages consumers to discover the provenance, people, and passion that drives Mazzetti with craft, discovery, and flair at their heart.


Inspired by Mazzetti’s heritage, their passion for the finest ingredients and experimental culinary creations, the new Mazzetti visual is confidently expressive. A flexible design system made up of layers of intricate details; wood patterns to reflect the oak barrels that the vinegar is aged in, grape and leaf silhouettes to convey the product's naturalness, splashes that represent the artistry of the vinegar itself, and tones of yellows to draw you into the sunny warmth of the hills of Modena. Paired alongside a bold typographic attitude, the identity delivers on both authenticity and contemporaneity.


The assets adapt as we go up through the more premium tiers of the product ranges, using more black, gold, textures, and refinement to deliver the increase in ageing and pricing.


Overall, the distinctive identity embraces creativity and transformation, a dynamic celebration of expression, indulgence and abundance, delivered in a premium and authentic manner.


When brought to life across the brand world, the new assets bring boldness and consistency. A unique style and flair that is transformative within the category, and ensures Mazzetti stands out as the ultimate brand of choice from Modena.

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