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Reign Rum - The Spirit of the African Warrior Queen

From the lush lands of Ghana, Africa, in between the rainforest and the Savannah, you’ll find an 1880-acre estate growing organic cashews and sugarcane. A purpose-led sustainable venture employing the local community, using product waste to power the distillery, and where doing good is as important as looking good. 


A fierce and spirited icon, celebrating African attitude and beauty, Reigns of warriors past and present, and a fiery and impassioned celebration of African authenticity. For the disruptors, the afro-futurists, and the mavericks of the world, Reign is a passionate tribute to the Motherland and galvanises a rich and aspirational drinking experience. 


The bottle is a celebration of black excellence and African beauty. Elegantly tall and luxe, using regal gold tones and opulent foil finishes, the overall impression sets expectations of a high-quality liquid inside.

We crafted an intricate crest signifier that speaks to Reign’s proud Ghanaian roots with detail and symbolism that speaks to the homeland; porcupine spears, foliage, tribal patterns, a regal throne and crown. In all, a stunning and unique emblem of the brand's birthplace and warrior attitude. The neck label further elevates the rum story, with intricate iconography depicting the liquid's ingredients, provenance, and profile. The bespoke stopper is an impressive throne, speaking to the brand's story of ‘royal recognise royal’.

The core Spiced and Hibiscus rum feature a colour gradient, reflected in the neck label too, to add dynamism and differentiation to the range. The Aged rum features a matt finish and more gold tones, speaking to the higher price point. Overall, as a trio, the impression is standout, regal, and balances both African authenticity and contemporary African culture for a global audience.

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