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Join Rogue for a ‘Damn Good’ Breakfast Experience

Having successfully gained several grocery and app listings with their jams and preserves, Rogue is now looking to bring indulgent cereals to the breakfast table, a category that has been lacking in new news. Standout, table-worthy and packed full of delicious flavours, these cereals are destined to be demolished, by spoon or hand.


Introducing a distinctively bright and magical trilogy of cereals with monkeys, elephants and flamingo’s decorating the front of pack, interacting with unique features of the flavours and cereal pieces falling around them into the bowl. For this range we have developed the tattoo inspired illustrations that we created for the jams and chutneys, bringing more etching and colour into play, to depict more of the playfulness of the flavour profiles.

Around the pack emphasises the breakfast occasionality and depicts interesting paragraphs of storytelling to be indulged over the cereal.


A damn good cereal for all the family.


Rogue_Scatter_Cartons (1).jpg
3B (1).jpg
Rogue_Torn_Boxes_Game (1).jpg
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