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Step into the Blue City with Royal Salute, The Polo Jodhpur Edition.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Jodhpur Polo Edition toasts the Scotch’s longstanding affinity with polo, the ‘Sport of Kings’, which dates back over a decade. This all-new expression continues the theme of the Iconic Polo Destinations in the collection designed by Boundless Brand Design, celebrating the Blue City of Jodhpur, India, as the birthplace of modern polo.


The iconic ‘Blue City’ of Jodhpur is full of dazzling colours, smells, and sounds, it’s a city bustling with energy and steeped history.

Originally painted blue to signify its occupation by the Brahmins, its sea of azure and indigo houses makes ‘the blue city’ one of the region’s most beautiful destinations. A truly mesmerizing location and one of polo’s most vibrant homes.


The design brief was to create a proposition that illustrated the magic of the city, and the cultural and royal traditions that Rajasthan has had on the ‘sport of kings’, making the next ultimate collectable in the Polo range.

The box's design is inspired by the iconic sunset polo matches played in the grounds of the royal Palaces, just as it does in real life. The contemporary illustration encapsulates the magic of the luxury lifestyle set in a vibrant and sensorial city.

The rich blues of the city’s buildings and the deep pinks of the region’s national flower, the Rhoda, grow around the Palace creating a truly enchanting scene, making a magical gift for any whisky lover.


The 21YO flagon is presented in vibrant yellow perfectly capturing the essence of the golden blend reminiscent of the rich spices and flavour notes that can be found in the region.


These beautiful details are further brought to life off-pack in a brand world toolkit and evocative key visuals created by Boundless Brand Design.

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