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Beefeater 24. A Cut Above

Boundless Brand Design are delighted to have partnered with Beefeater Gin to design a striking new look, boasting impressive sustainability credentials for their Beefeater 24 bottle.


Created to celebrate the twenty-four-hour energy of London, its heart and home, Beefeater 24 caters to the high-energy moments that we know and love.

Boundless Brand Design were briefed to re-imagine the iconic red bottle, to further elevate, increase standout and better meet Pernod Ricard’s sustainability mission.


To bring this brief to life, Boundless created a new elevated structure that is taller than the previous version to stand high within the category. The botte is beautifully crafted with embossed botanicals providing elevated tactility to the look and feel. The new pack also has practical advantages for the On-Trade such as, easier grip for better speed of serving thanks to the adoption of the iconic London brick shape characteristic of the rest of the Beefeater portfolio. The label is sliced at a 24 degree angle to represent the twenty-four-hour steeping of the botanicals - Beefeater’s signature house style - and the more selective cut in distillation taken to create Beefeater 24.

This lends itself to a new strapline ”A cut above”, the perfect embodiment of elevation in every sense.


The new Beefeater 24 pack has improved sustainability credentials with a 90% plastic reduction on the closure and back label, as well as 30% less aluminium and a 22% glass reduction.

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